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Nedbank Universal Branch Code & SWIFT Code

  • Nedbank Universal Branch Code: 198 765

  • Nedbank Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

When it comes to banking, having the correct branch code and SWIFT code is essential for smooth transactions. In this article, we will discuss the Nedbank universal branch code and its importance in online banking. We will also provide information on how to find your specific branch codes using Nedbank’s branch locator tool. Additionally, we’ll explain what a SWIFT code is and why it is necessary for international money transfers.

Understanding the Nedbank Universal Branch Code

The Nedbank universal branch code serves as a unique identifier for all outlets of the bank throughout South Africa. This user-friendly 6-digit number (198765) can be used by customers regardless of their account type or specific outlet when conducting various transactions with the bank.

Benefits of Using The Universal Branch Code

By utilizing the universal branch code, you no longer need to remember different special numbers associated with each individual outlet where you have an account. Instead, you can use one single number (198765) for making payments into or collecting funds from any Nedbank Current or Savings accounts securely.

Finding Your Specific Branch Codes

If you prefer using traditional methods that involve specific branches’ codes instead of relying solely on the universal one mentioned above, there are ways to locate them easily through nedbanks.co.za website’s “Branch Locator” feature.

  1. Visit www.nedbank.co.za
  2. Use their “Branch Locator” tool which displays the nearest branches based on your location.
  3. Find contact details including trading hours along with respective accurate six-digit-specific-brach codes needed while performing Internet banking activities smoothly without any hassle.

Difference Between Generic And Specific Codes

A generic/Universal/Branch-code applies universally across all branches whereas every particular/outlet has its own distinct/specific-six-digit-long-number called ‘branch-code’. Both types serve similar purposes but differ in terms of usage and identification.

Understanding SWIFT Codes

A SWIFT code, also known as a Business Identifier Code (BIC), is an internationally recognized standard format used by banks to identify themselves globally. It consists of letters and numbers that provide information about the bank’s identity and location. The SWIFT code for Nedbank Limited is NEDSZAJJ.

SWIFT codes are primarily used when transferring money between different banks, especially for international transfers or SEPA payments. They ensure the accurate routing of funds while facilitating communication between financial institutions during transactions.


Having the correct branch code is crucial in ensuring smooth online banking transactions with Nedbank outlets across South Africa. While you can use the universal branch code (198765) for all your transactions, specific six-digit codes exist for each individual outlet if preferred.

Additionally, understanding what a SWIFT code represents will help facilitate secure international money transfers through proper identification of participating banks worldwide.

Remember: Always double-check your branch codes before initiating any transaction to avoid errors or delays in fund transfer processes!

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