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Clientèle Funeral Cover

Why look at Clientèle Funeral Cover?

Clientèle Funeral Plans are a funeral services provider in South Africa that offers a range of funeral plans to suit every need and budget. Clientèle has been in operation for over 25 years and have built a reputable reputation in the country.

Clientèle offers a wide range of funeral plans, from basic plans that cover the cost of a simple cremation or burial, to more comprehensive plans that cover all the costs of a funeral, including the cost of a casket, flowers, and a headstone. Clientèle also offers a range of prepaid funeral plans, which allow you to pay for your funeral in advance and lock in todays prices.

Clientèle is a reliable funeral services provider, and their funeral plans are backed by a moneyback guarantee. Clientèle also offers a 24hour helpline, so you can always get help and support when you need it.

Clientèle offers two basic plans to choose from:

**All your premiums paid back in addition to the cover amount – in cash (paid on a valid death claim for that member)

**Claims paid in just 24 hours

**Plans available from R270 per month

Dignity Plan

You can get it from R270 per month, get anything between R25 000 & R100 000. Add up to thirteen individuals and with the right documentation, a payout will be received within 24hours. You will also get R200 airtime when you make a claim, unveiling and grocery benefit are included, and then there are additional offers you can look. Receive double on the accidental death of the main member of the funeral cover.

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Ultimate Dignity Plan

This offer is the only one in South Africa that will pay out the full policy amount as well as all the premiums paid if the primary policyholder dies.

Starting from R290 per month you can get up to R100 000 individual coverage; you can add three children with no adding expenses, R200 airtime and it include groceries, unveiling and transport advantages.

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If you are looking for affordable funeral cover, then Clientèle is the company for you. You can apply for quotes here. You can read up more about them, but you can know that with the years of experience in the financial industry, this company will not disappoint.

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