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🐾 Paw Paw Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular as pet owners recognize the importance of protecting their beloved animals from unexpected veterinary expenses. One such option available in South Africa is Paw Paw Pet Insurance, a comprehensive and affordable solution designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s health. In this article, we will explore the various plans offered by Paw Paw and highlight their key features.

Why Choose Paw Paw?

  1. Upfront Underwriting: Unlike some other insurers who may exclude certain conditions or impose waiting periods after policy inception, with upfront underwriting at Paw Paw you are provided with all terms and conditions before finalizing your policy.
  2. Dedicated Animal Lovers: The team behind Paw Paw understands that pets are part of our families; they genuinely care about animals’ well-being and aim to assist you during difficult times.
  3. Quick Claims Processing: With claims processed within 72 hours, you can rest assured knowing that any eligible reimbursements will be promptly paid either directly to your vet or yourself.

Paw Paw Pet Insurance Plans

1. Accident Plan

The Accident Plan offers coverage specifically for accidental injuries suffered by pets over eight weeks old at inception without imposing any breed-related exclusions:

Accidents covered include motor vehicle accidents, burns/electrocution incidents, falls from elevated positions near drowning situations actions caused by another animal (e.g., cat/dog fights) ingestion/surgical removals due to swallowing foreign objects like toys/shoelaces
snake bites/allergic reactions (excluding tick/flea bites) poisonings/fractured bones/ligament/tendon injuries/lacerations/wounds/gastric torsion.

Two options exist within the accident plan – Accident 10 & Accident 20:


    • Premium – R70pm
    • Annual Limit – R10k per year
    • Age Limitation at inception – 8 weeks and over
    • Excess: Standard excess of 15% with a minimum of R250 per claim
    • No waiting period


    • Premium – R140pm
    • Annual Limit – R20k per year
    • Age Limitation at inception–8 weeks and over
    • Excess: Standard excesses of 15% with a minimum of R250 per claim
    • No waiting period.

2. Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is designed for pets aged between eight weeks to eight years old, offering coverage for both accidents and illnesses:

    • Accidents are covered from the policy’s start date without any breed-related exclusions.
    • Illnesses are subject to a general waiting period of thirty days after the policy starts.
    • Co-insurance applies during the first six months (50%) on specific treatments/surgeries related to hips/knees/elbows/shoulders/spine, eyes/nictitating membranes, and urinary bladder system conditions.

Key features include no annual limit or exclusion based on breed-specific conditions. Claims processing time remains within seventy-two hours as in other plans offered by Paw Paw Pet Insurance.

Lifestyle Benefits

Paw Paw understands that maintaining your pet’s overall well-being involves more than just medical care; therefore, they offer various lifestyle benefits under their comprehensive plan:

    1. Annual Health Check: A contribution towards an annual health check-up performed by your veterinarian up to a maximum amount specified in each policy year.
    2. Socialization Classes: Assistance provided towards socializing classes aimed at improving behavioural aspects among dogs/puppies owned by you insured through pawpaw insurance policies annually limited amounts apply).
    3. Cremation Benefit: Covers costs associated with cremating deceased pets along with returning ashes back to the owner up to a maximum amount specified in each policy year)
    4. Sterilization: Contribution towards the cost of sterilizing your pet, promoting responsible ownership.
    5. Vaccination/Deworming/Tick and Flea Control/Teeth Cleaning: Financial assistance is provided for routine preventive care measures to keep your pets healthy.
    6. Spas and Grooming / Doggy Day Care: Assistance offered in covering costs related to grooming services or doggy daycare facilities.

Tame Pet App

As an added bonus, Paw Paw provides access to the Tame Pet App (STD Package) at no additional charge with their comprehensive plan:

    • The app allows you to chat directly with a vet during operating hours (9 am – 9 pm daily).
    • Features include two instant video call consultations per month along with messaging options where you can upload photos/videos/share your pet’s profile.


Paw Paw Pet Insurance offers competitive coverage plans designed specifically for South African pet owners who want peace of mind when it comes to their furry family members’ health. With upfront underwriting, quick claims processing times, and various lifestyle benefits included within their comprehensive plan – they strive not only to provide financial protection but also to support overall well-being through preventative care initiatives like annual check-ups/vaccinations/socialization classes/grooming services/doggy daycare facilities. Consider insuring all aspects of your life by joining the Paw Paw family today!

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