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Regent Car Insurance

  • Regent understand the hassle of getting car insurance and something that one can afford. That is why they have created four car cover plans to look at. It is:

    • Reduced Cover
      Under this option you will enjoy coverage for the following, property damage liability, theft, fire, storage and towing. You can add glass and hail cover at an additional cost.
    • Large Loss
      Here you will enjoy cover for massive damage to you motor that exceeds 50% of the car’s retail value.
    • Total Cover
      This option protects you against accidents where your car is written off, hijacked or stolen.
    • Third Party Only
      It is a basic cover at most car insurance providers in South Africa. You will only enjoy coverage for injuries or damage to another person, their vehicle or property.

    Unlike all other insurers, the cover that Regent provides people are more affordable then other insurers. However, you are covered only for what you the client think you will need. It is also great for people that does not own anything on their cars.

    But, before making a decision on the first and best option. Make sure that you find various offers from different car insurers. Compare what they are will to provide you with at what cost and this way you can make sure that you will buy the best policy. So, begin your car insurance quotes searching here on Clearwave! Read about our reviews page here.

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