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Santam Car Insurance

  • What Is Car Insurance?

    What is car insurance? Simply put, car insurance is insurance for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or any other type of road vehicle. Its primary function is to give financial coverage against bodily damage or bodily injury incurred by a motor vehicle accident and/or from liability which can also arise from vehicle-related incidents on a public road.

    There are several types of coverage available under what is car insurance. Third-party only is the most common type and provides coverage for medical bills and rehabilitation costs of persons injured in an automobile accident. If a third party is responsible for causing the accident, the driver or owner of the other vehicle is covered by an auto insurance policy. The driver or owner’s policy may also provide for compensation for damages caused due to vandalism, theft, or a combination of these and other factors.

    Some countries require drivers to carry some type of cover that include third-party cover, which is required in all circumstances. This type of coverage protects the policyholder against financial losses that result from third-party accidents that are the fault of the insured driver or owners. For drivers who own cars that are financed through dealers, it is advised that they carry both what is called automobile liability insurance and what is known as comprehensive or full coverage.

    Luckily Santam can help you with the appropriate car insurance plan. They offer also three basic covers, you can choose which policy fit you best and your pocket. Third-party only is the cheapest option, if you think you will not be able to afford car cover. You would be able to afford this policy, make sure that you do have this cover in place to protect you against liability claims. If you can afford more, then look at third-party only fire/theft or comprehensive car insurance.

    It is important for all driver to make sure that they are protected and that they will be able to help third parties in any type of accident.

    If you want to acquire a few quotes or offers to compare, then you can do it with us today. We make the application to request quotes simple. Read reviews before making decisions.

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