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Discovery Medical Aid Plans

  • Discovery knows that your health is one of the essential aspects of an individual and people should take great care of themselves. That is why Discovery offers you a wide range of options and services to help you take care of you and your family’s health or well-being. Due to the variety of plans available, there will be one that will suit all your requirements.

    How is each plan put together?

    Hospital – Most of the Discovery medical aid schemes have no overall limit and offer healthcare to private hospitals.

    Chronic Illness Benefit – All schemes approve chronic medications and additional treatments as well (just read through each plan to see which one will be best for you).

    Screening & Prevention – You and your family have access to test for early detection of critical illnesses and treatment necessary.

    Above threshold benefit – When your plan has reached its annual threshold, the benefit will assist you further.

    Day-to-day Extender benefit – If you have reached your medical saving account limit, it will be a good thing to have the daily extender benefit.

    Maternity benefit – You will receive the comprehensive cover, and your child will also have coverage in his or her early childhood.

    Medical Savings Account – On some of the schemes you will find the medical saving account that will manage your spending.

    If you are interested in getting quotes from Discovery or any other medical aid provider, you can request quotations for free here now.

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