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Metropolitan Funeral Cover

  • Metropolitan is one of the leading providers for cover in South Africa. They strive to give you cheap rates, so that you can afford having a plan in place for the people you love.

    Metropolitan Funeral Cover – Customise a Plan

    With Metropolitan you can create your own policy your require which fits your budget.

    The benefits of Metropolitan Plans

    1. You can opt to get cover up to R80,000
    2. You can provide cover for up to 20 individuals on your one plan
    3. With all the required documentation handed in with a claim, it will be paid within 24 hours*
    4. You, nor your loved ones, have to undergo any medical examinations
    5. Pick any add-ons that you want on your funeral and Metropolitan will arrange it on your behalf

    We know how much it means to your family and friends to give you a proper and dignified funeral. It is the last time to say goodbye and remember your legacy.

    Metropolitan understands that all families are different and have specific needs. Hence why Metropolitan offers you and your loved ones a manner to buy an affordable funeral cover with the flexibility of your plan… to build a plan that suits your needs.

    On your one plan, you can cover yourself, your nearest family, your parents/parents in-law, and your vast family.


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