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Instant Life Insurance

  • Term and Whole Life Insurance

    Life insurance is an essential part of having a secure financial future. Besides paying for the death of the insured, it can also payout for critical illness or disability. These policies are contracts between the policyholder and insurer. The purpose of life insurance is to make a beneficiary of the deceased’s estate a lump sum of money. If you are not able to meet the premiums, you should consider getting term life insurance. As it is cheaper than buying permanent/whole life cover. Instant Life knows what the value of a life insurance plan for your family is.

    A permanent life insurance policy offers a long term cash value and a higher premium. It provides the survivors with money to spend as they choose. It is important to note that most policies have a contest-ability clause, which means that if the insured dies unexpectedly, the beneficiary could face a delay of up to six to twelve months. However, this delay is worth it as it gives the beneficiaries peace of mind. A whole life policy will not have any investment value, but holds value the day you die.

    A term life insurance policy is a great way to provide your family with financial security. The policy will payout to the beneficiaries a cash value if they have dependents. The best way to get life insurance is to consult with your insurance agent. In addition, many companies offer riders for their policies. These riders will allow you to add additional coverage for children or spouses. These optional features may also be a great way to ensure that you have the right coverage for your needs.

    Another great way to find out if a company will suit you is to read up on the companies online reviews. If interested in Instant Life, then go online and read their reviews on websites like Hello Peter.

    If you are in the market to obtain various quotes to compare, you can do it here on this page of Clearwave. Once you submit all the details required, agents from various insurance companies will call you with their offers and premiums. Compare it and you will find a policy good for you.

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