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Medical Aid Under A R1000

  • There is a few companies to consider if you want to pay under a thousand rand for medical cover. A medical aid is an expensive option for healthcare, but there are companies in South Africa willing to provide you with a more affordable method to medical care. Here is a list:

    How to Choose an Affordable Medical Aid

    The first step to finding affordable medical aid for yourself is to decide what you will need and how much you can afford.

    When it comes to choosing an affordable medical aid, it is essential to understand the basics of the plan. Some of the most common benefits are free preventative screening, annual flu vaccinations, and discounts on basic dentistry. You may also be able to choose a plan with unique benefits such as child illness benefits or free anesthesia. However, be aware that most medical aids don’t cover the full costs of anesthetist or dentists. You may also want more flexibility in your health care and see a variety of doctors. Taking a look at some of the extras and limitations of each plan will help you find the right one for you.

    Many fund managers have been successful in keeping premiums affordable for South Africans. They use statistical data to determine which medical aid schemes offer the best value for money. They also charge the same premium for healthy members, so you can expect to pay less than double. Another thing to consider is what is covered by the medical aid. The premium for a health insurance policy will be based on the type of disease you have. If you are healthy than you will pay less than someone with a terminal or chronic illness.

    If you can afford paying a little more for healthcare, then consider a hospital plan – click here. It will cover medical costs that is the most expensive. Read more on our home page about the various types of insurance available in the market.

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