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Life Insurance Calculator In South Africa

  • What is a life insurance calculator?

    It is a basic calculator that will help you determine how much coverage you will have to get in order to keep your head above water, in case the breadwinner of the family pass away. But, you do not need a calculator to determine it for you, you can just calculate what are you total losses and how much you need to survive on a monthly basis. You take the amount you need to survive on a monthly basis and multiply it with the average amount of time that you will have to get life cover for.

    On the amount that you calculated, you can request quotes from various providers. Each company can provide you with an offer or more, you can compare the offers and quotes. It is the way you determine which company will provide you with the most advantages for the lowest monthly premium.

    Never buy the first policy from the first insurance provider that you contact, there are always a company out there willing to offer you more for less.

    If you are in search of free quotes from various life insurance providers in South Africa, apply here on our website. Keep in mind that you can get funeral cover with your life insurance policy at a small rate extra.

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