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1Life Funeral Cover

  • Quick Summary

    1Life Funeral Cover offers comprehensive funeral insurance policies with coverage up to R50,000 per member. The policy includes benefits such as a headstone memorial, grocery benefit, and repatriation service. Immediate and extended family members can be covered, and there are no waiting periods for accidental death. The claim process is quick and easy, and the payout is tax-free, providing financial support during a difficult time.


    1Life Funeral Cover is a comprehensive funeral insurance policy offered by 1Life. This policy provides coverage for up to R50,000 per member and offers numerous benefits to help ease the financial burden during difficult times.

    With 1Life Funeral Cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially in the event of your passing. The claims process is quick and efficient, with qualifying events being approved in under three minutes.

    One notable feature of this policy is its fixed premiums for the first year. This means that regardless of any changes or fluctuations in market conditions, your premium amount remains unchanged throughout the initial twelve months.

    The aim behind offering such stability lies within our commitment to providing affordable yet reliable funeral cover options tailored specifically towards South Africans’ needs. We understand how important it is for individuals and families alike to plan ahead while ensuring their finances are protected from unexpected expenses associated with funerals.

    By choosing 1Life Funeral Cover as your preferred provider, you not only secure financial support but also gain access to additional benefits designed exclusively for our valued customers.

    Benefits of 1Life Funeral Cover

    When it comes to funeral insurance, 1Life Funeral Cover stands out with its comprehensive coverage and additional benefits. In addition to the main coverage amount of up to R50,000 per member, this policy offers several valuable benefits that can provide financial support during a difficult time.

    Headstone Memorial Benefit

    One notable benefit included in the 1Life Funeral Cover is the headstone memorial worth R5,000. This ensures that your loved one’s final resting place is marked with dignity and respect. The cost of a headstone can be an unexpected expense for many families during such emotional times; however, with this benefit from 1Life Funeral Cover, you won’t have to worry about bearing this burden alone.

    Grocery Benefit

    Another beneficial feature offered by 1Life is their grocery benefit valued at R6,000. Losing a family member not only brings immense grief but also often leads to unforeseen expenses related to hosting grieving relatives or providing meals after funerals. With this added provision from your funeral cover plan through 1life Insurance Company Limited (FSP24769), you will receive much-needed assistance in covering these costs so that you can focus on supporting each other emotionally without worrying about finances.

    Repatriation Service

    Additionally, the repatriation service provided by One Life helps ease any concerns regarding transporting deceased individuals across South Africa’s borders if necessary. This invaluable service takes care of all logistical arrangements involved when bringing back someone who has passed away outside their home country. It provides peace-of-mind knowing that everything will be handled professionally and efficiently while ensuring compliance with legal requirements throughout the process.

    These extra benefits are designed specifically keeping in mind how challenging it could be financially as well as logistically dealing death-related matters. The aim here being, to alleviate some stress associated both practically and financially, allowing bereaved ones more space and time towards healing themselves rather than getting caught up managing logistics which may arise unexpectedly.

    In conclusion, having access to these additional benefits through 1Life Funeral Cover can provide much-needed financial support during a difficult time. From covering the cost of a headstone memorial, assisting with grocery expenses, and providing repatriation services when needed; this policy goes above and beyond in ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of even after they are gone.

    Note: The content provided is for informational purposes only. It is important to review the specific terms and conditions outlined by 1Life Funeral Cover before making any decisions or purchases regarding funeral insurance coverage.

    Coverage and Eligibility

    1Life Funeral Cover provides coverage for a wide range of individuals, including immediate and extended family members. Here’s an overview of who can be covered under the policy:

    Immediate Family Members:

    • Spouses: The policy allows for up to 2 spouses to be covered.
    • Children: Up to 5 children (up to age 21) can also be included in the policy.

    Extended Family Members:

    In addition to immediate family members, you have the option to cover extended family members as well. This includes parents and other relatives who are not part of your immediate household.

    Age Limits:

    The age limits for obtaining funeral cover through 1Life vary depending on the individual being insured:

    • Policyholder/Spouse: The minimum entry age is typically set at 18 years old, while the maximum entry age is usually around 64 years old.
    • Children Covered Under Policyholders’ Plan: For children included in their parent or guardian’s plan, coverage generally extends until they reach either legal adulthood (age varies by country), which is often considered as reaching ages between 19-21; however, some policies may extend this limit up till full-time students aged up to 25 years if they provide proof that they are enrolled in higher education institutions.
    • Parents Included Under Policyholders’ Plan: Coverage options exist even when it comes to covering one’s own parents, with certain plans allowing their inclusion within specified parameters such as having attained specific upper-age-limits like below 75 years old.
    • Extended Family Members Covered Under Policyholders’ Plans: While there might still remain variations across different providers regarding eligibility criteria & terms associated with extending benefits towards more distant relations, these could include those related via bloodline, i.e., siblings, grandparents, etc.

    Additional Cost For Each Additional Member: It should be noted that adding additional people beyond what has been mentioned above will incur extra costs. These charges would depend upon the specific policy and provider, so it is always advisable to check with 1Life for accurate pricing information.

    By offering coverage options for immediate family members as well as extended family members, 1Life Funeral Cover ensures that you can protect your loved ones during difficult times.

    Understanding Funeral Costs

    Funerals can be a significant financial burden for families, with costs varying depending on the size and complexity of the arrangements. From small and simple ceremonies to large and elaborate affairs, it’s important to understand the potential expenses involved in order to make informed decisions.

    Small Funerals

    A small funeral typically includes basic services such as transportation of remains, preparation of the body, use of facilities for viewing or memorial service, and necessary documentation. These types of funerals generally have lower costs ranging from around R6,000 upwards.

    Larger Funerals

    On the other hand, larger funerals may involve additional elements like catering services, floral arrangements, venue rentals for extended visitations or receptions after the burial/cremation ceremony. The cost can escalate significantly based on these factors alone, reaching amounts over R20,000 or even exceeding R50,000 when all aspects are taken into account.

    1Life Funeral Cover understands that unexpected funeral expenses can place an immense strain on individuals during already difficult times. That is why their policies offer coverage up to R50,000 per member – providing peace-of-mind knowing that your loved ones will not face unnecessary financial hardship while grieving your loss.

    By having adequate funeral cover in place through providers like 1Life Funeral Cover, you ensure that funds are available immediately following death without any delays associated with estate settlements, which could take months if not years before beneficiaries receive anything at all.

    With this comprehensive insurance policy by your side:

    • You won’t need to worry about how much money needs upfront payment
    • Your family members don’t have to bear heavy burdens trying to figure out where they’ll find cash to pay off debts incurred due to the sudden passing away of someone close to them
    • They also do not require selling assets just to meet immediate obligations arising from the aftermath of the bereavement process itself (e.g., paying bills related to medical care provided prior to the demise)

    In conclusion, understanding funeral costs allows us to plan ahead financially so we’re prepared when tragedy strikes our lives unexpectedly. 1Life Funeral Cover offers a solution to alleviate the financial burden associated with funerals, ensuring that your loved ones can focus on grieving and healing rather than worrying about how they will afford all necessary expenses during this difficult time.

    HIV Testing and Disclosure

    When purchasing certain types of products from 1Life Funeral Cover, there may be a potential requirement for an HIV test or disclosure of your HIV status. This additional step is in place to determine risk and ensure that you receive appropriate coverage.

    The reason behind this requirement is to assess the level of risk associated with providing funeral cover. Since some individuals living with HIV might have compromised health conditions, it helps insurance providers like 1Life Funeral Cover accurately evaluate the risks involved when offering coverage.

    By undergoing an HIV test or disclosing your current status, you enable insurers to make informed decisions regarding policy terms and premiums. It allows them to tailor their offerings based on individual circumstances while ensuring fair treatment for all customers.

    It’s important to note that this testing or disclosure only applies depending on the type of product being purchased. Not all policies require these steps; they are specific measures taken by insurance companies as part of responsible underwriting practices within South Africa’s regulatory framework.

    Rest assured that any information provided during this process remains confidential between yourself and the insurer. The results will not impact other aspects such as employment opportunities or medical care outside the scope of obtaining funeral cover through 1Life Funeral Cover specifically.

    This approach ensures transparency in assessing risks related to pre-existing conditions without discriminating against individuals who live with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS but still need access to essential financial protection options like funeral cover plans offered by reputable providers like 1Life Insurance Company Limited (FSP24769).

    If you have further questions about how your personal health situation could affect eligibility for funeral cover or if an alternative solution can be explored, we recommend reaching out to 1Life. Their dedicated team members are available around-the-clock ready assist you throughout every step along way towards securing suitable coverage tailored meet unique needs requirements.

    Claim Process

    Making a claim with 1Life Funeral Cover is a straightforward process that ensures you receive the financial support you need during difficult times. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a claim:

    Step 1: Contact the Claims Department

    In case of an unfortunate event, it is essential to notify the claims department as soon as possible. You can reach out to them by phone or email using the contact details provided in your policy documents.

    Step 2: Provide Necessary Information

    When contacting the claims department, be prepared to provide all relevant information regarding your policy and any supporting documentation required for processing your claim efficiently. This may include personal identification details, proof of relationship (if claiming for extended family members), and other necessary documents specified by 1Life Funeral Cover.

    Step 3: Follow Provided Procedure

    The claims department will guide you through their specific procedure for making a successful claim. It is crucial to carefully follow these instructions and submit all requested forms or evidence promptly.

    Depending on individual circumstances, additional steps might be involved in assessing eligibility and verifying certain aspects related to accidental death or natural causes covered under your funeral insurance plan.

    It’s important not only from an administrative perspective but also because adhering strictly helps expedite approval processes so that funds are made available when needed most – without unnecessary delays caused due missing paperwork or incomplete submissions!


    • Keep copies of all submitted documents.
    • Take note of reference numbers given during communication with representatives from the claims department.
    • If there are any changes in contact information while waiting for resolution – such as address updates – inform them immediately via appropriate channels mentioned earlier; this way they’ll have accurate records throughout proceedings until finalization occurs successfully!

    By following these simple steps outlined above when making a claim with 1Life Funeral Cover, you ensure smooth processing while receiving timely assistance tailored specifically towards honoring loved ones’ memories respectfully!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the maximum coverage amount?

    1Life Funeral Cover offers a maximum coverage amount of up to R50,000 per member. This means that in the event of a qualifying event, such as death, your beneficiaries will receive this tax-free lump sum payout.

    Are there waiting periods for certain events?

    Yes, there are waiting periods associated with 1Life Funeral Cover. While accidental deaths are covered immediately upon policy activation, natural deaths have a six-month waiting period before they become eligible for claims.

    Can the payout be used for purposes other than funeral expenses?

    Absolutely! The funds received from 1Life Funeral Cover can be utilized not only towards funeral-related costs but also any outstanding debts or medical expenses you may have. It provides flexibility and financial support during challenging times.

    How long does it take to receive the payout?

    One significant advantage of choosing 1Life Funeral Cover is their quick claim approval process. In most cases where all necessary documentation has been provided correctly and promptly submitted after notifying them about an insured’s passing away; claims can be approved within three minutes!

    Can the policy be canceled or amended?

    Yes, policies offered by 1Life allow some degree of flexibility when it comes to cancellation or amendments based on individual circumstances and needs. However, please note that specific terms and conditions apply which should always be carefully reviewed beforehand. Contact their customer service team regarding these matters.

    What happens if premiums are not paid on time?

    It’s crucial to keep up with premium payments regularly since failure could result in lapses in coverage, affecting benefits eligibility under unforeseen circumstances like accidents leading to untimely demise, etc. So make sure to never miss out on paying dues in a timely manner, ensuring uninterrupted protection throughout life’s journey without facing unnecessary complications later down the line due to non-payment issues arising unexpectedly, causing undue stress to loved ones left behind trying to cope emotionally while dealing with the practicalities involved in arranging a final send-off and fitting tribute to the memory of the cherished one lost forever.

    Please note that the information provided here is a general overview of frequently asked questions about 1Life Funeral Cover. For more specific details or inquiries, we recommend reaching out to their customer service team directly.

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