1Life Funeral Cover

The 1Life funeral cover will help you bury your loved ones and bring closure to the family. A memorial is the last chance for the family to say goodbye to the deceased; it is an essential step for people to move on. Funerals can be costly, especially if you are looking to bury instead of cremating the dead. No one can afford to settle these bills out of their monthly budget or over a specified period.

With 1Life you will receive repatriation services, groceries voucher (R1,000 per month for six months) as well as other memorial benefits (R5,000 to purchase a headstone for unveiling).

You can choose coverage between R10,000 and R100,000 for you and your family. When a claim has been made, the family will receive within 24hours the money for the funeral. You have the option to choose the amount of coverage and how much you can afford to pay for a monthly premium. Getting funeral cover with 1Life, you do not need to undergo any medical tests or fill out a bunch of forms. You apply online, and you are covered. When the primary member passes away, the policy will stay intact for 24 months without any premiums that have to be paid.

There is no waiting period on accidental death. With natural deaths, there is a six month waiting period for people with a cover less than R50,000 and a twelfth month waiting period for people with a cover from R50,001 to R100,000. Suicide has a waiting period of twenty-four months before it will be covered.

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