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Health4Me By Momentum

  • Blooming Financial Services joined Momentum and now offer you the chance on an affordable health scheme called Health4Me. If you earn less than R30,000 and you are a permanent employee of a company. And the business consist of more than five employees, you can apply for a health scheme.

    There is a combination of benefits available and employers can choose which option they want you to cover.
    The study explains that this critical challenge in SA leads to a 4.8% waste of GDP – which interprets approximately to ten “downtime” days per worker annually, and in turn averages to an R12 billion loss in defection, with an approximated presenteeism value of R89 billion.

    Health4Me approaches this difficulty through an interesting scheme that gives your workers advanced access to good, private treatment and additional perks.

    The thoroughly accepted, established building pieces are in place to look after your employee’s health. A strong and healthy employee always do their work properly and attentively.

    Employees who suffer from physical or mental well-being at times does not even show it. What makes the matter worse is poor or no medical aid due to the costs. Then it is the financial stress one has to endure as well. A lot of employers do not even know when an employee suffers medically and financially, and some do not even care. Luckily, most employers want to take care of their employees, and Health4Me is a good option. A worker that is taken care of will always go the extra mile for the company.

    The Health4Me medical scheme is affordable, it will cost the company and employer less. Find out more here and request a quote.


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